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"In the heart of rural Hampshire"

New Age

If you are looking for a spiritual experience, run by dedicated and passionate practitioners, then we have something very special for you.

Circle Dance

Gill Light hosts a monthly Circle Dance usually in Houghton Room.  Circle Dance is an international movement based on Balkan dances and no partners are necessary.  The dances range from quite brisk and boistrous to slow and meditative.  For furthter information regarding the meeting times, please contact Gill Light on 02380560115 or 

Mind, Body, Spirit Experience

Sue also runs the Mind, Body, Spirit Experience, which takes place twice yearly.  This is a weekend event and the next programme is on early April then again on early November.  Doors open at 10.00am and admission is £3 per day or a weekend ticket for £5.

It is an eclectic mix of Indian head massage; Reiki healing, astrology, tarot readings; and haunting,  traditional tribal dancing.  And that's only a sample of what's on offer!

Call Sue on 01489 799740 for more information.

Wickham Gong Bath

The Wickham Gong Bath meets on 3rd Thursday of each month between 8.15pm and 9.15pm.  Any one is welcome to come along and pay the on-the-door fee of £10. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow.

Gong Baths are informal and very relaxing. You will be bathed in sound - no water is involved. Just get comfy and relax. During this meditative and soothing sound immersion Alice and Justin use a variety of therapeutic instruments with the Gongs, including Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, conch shell, shruti box, koshi chimes, tingshaw bells, harp, rainsticks, shakers, rattles, güiros and many others.

Contact Alice or Justin on 02392 861201, find us on Meetup or on social

Wickham Healing Group

The Wickham branch of The Healing Trust meets on 4th Saturday of each month. between 10.00am to 1pm.  Any one is welcome to join the group and a suggested donation of £5 would be appreciated.

Healing sessions are informal and relaxing; healers work with their hands a short distance from the body or by using only a light touch.

Spiritual healing is non-invasive and complements other treatments; it is recognised by the NHS.

Contact Tom Whyte on 02380 266115, our website is